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Accounting and Tax for Australian Farmers

The farming sector has a few differences when it comes to accounting and tax. As specialist agribusiness accountants, we understand them inside out, often saving our clients thousands of dollars in taxes every year.


Farming is hard work, there’s no doubt about it. You need to be prepared to deal with a physically demanding job as well as the ups and downs of the economy and the weather. Over the years we’ve seen many farmers struggle with cashflow. Typically you’ll get most of your cash flowing in at the start of the year and then it dwindles for the remainder. This variability can place a lot of pressure on the business, not to mention a lot of stress on you and your family! At Eyre Accounting Services, we understand just how important your farm is to our community and our economy, which is why we’re dedicated to helping your regional business be as profitable as it can be.

Our Experience

Our founder, Naomi Durdin is married to a farmer and has personal experience getting her hands dirty herself. We’ve also worked closely with hundreds of farmers and regional business owners, helping them with accounting, tax and business planning. This experience gives us expertise in the farming sector that most accountants just don’t have. We love our tough, hardworking clients and appreciate the effort they put into everything they do. At Eyre Accounting Services, we make it our mission to help farmers reduce their stress, increase their profitability and release that cashflow squeeze.

Naomi says…

“Seeing my husband Barry run the farm really opened my eyes to the complexity of farming. I now realise that every farmer needs to be knowledgeable in many fields. These include machinery operation, computer technology, pest & weed control, agronomy, livestock, sustainable land management, occupational health & safety, people management, grain marketing, financial management, leadership, communication, risk management and so on. It has also opened my eyes to the risks and variability of farming and how it can affect the way you are feeling both with highs and lows.”

Our Services

We’ve got a comprehensive range of farm financial services including accounting, tax, super, business planning and financial planning. We’ll be right by your side throughout the year, helping you make important decisions, streamline your business and sorting out your taxes. We know you’re probably busy on the farm and don’t have time for a visit too often. We make it easy to run your business from anywhere – and collaborate with us – using smart cloud accounting tools like Xero.

If you want to work with an advisor who understands the challenges you face in your business and knows how to help, talk to Naomi and the team today.

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