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As a qualified financial planner, Naomi can assist you in the areas of:

Goal Setting

The first part of a successful financial plan is for you to really think about your goals,
what you want to achieve in your life and what legacy you want to leave What is your WHY…… WHY do you do what you do….

Wealth Creation

When you know your WHY then good things will follow and you will increase your wealth. We assist you create wealth by improving your profit and cashflow, minimising your tax, protecting your assets via insurance and from potential claims, making investments you are comfortable with and knowing the strategies which really make a difference and helping you implement them.

Wealth Protection Insurance

You never know when something is going to happen which will significantly disrupt your income earning capacity for a short time or forever. Wealth Protection Insurance protects you and your family in the event that you have an accident or illness. There are various types of Insurance such as Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and Trauma Insurance. We will assist you to understand the different types of insurance, what they cover and how much you need.

Retirement Planning

When would you like to retire and what do you want your retirement lifestyle to be like. If you start early in your life with a plan, it can make a significant difference to the type of lifestyle you can live when you retire.

By planning early you can make sure that your income in retirement is tax free on both income and capital gains.

We have clients who are living a life they never dreamed was possible. They planned early and are now reaping the rewards of their early endeavours.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is becoming increasingly complex especially with the use of trusts and superannuation. We can assist you in your structures and have relationships with lawyers we consider are ahead of their field with estate planning strategies. It is imperative your estate planning is up to date and relevant in the current environment.

There are many stories of people whose wishes have not been carried out because their wills have not been drafted correctly or been out of date.

“Financial Planning is all about setting goals and making them happen. We help you look to the future and start the journey to financial freedom.”

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